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SB Betting Software – more than you expect

With over 30,000,000+ Bets  per month, SB Betting Software is the most complete and trusted betting platform on the market.


Multi-feature platform

Our sportsbook platform contains multiple features to make you fully competitive on the betting market – CMS, CRM (bonuses, free bets), risk management tools (personal limits, reports and statistics), commission system for franchise agents and many others.

Ultimate gaming experience

Aside from online solution, we also provide cashier application to place bets in retail shops and mobile-friendly website dedicated to smartphones and tables. With all that you can place bets anywhere and anytime you want.


Admin Console

Core of your sportsbook

Admin Console is the focal point of your sportsbook operations as it gives you insight into all things – online, retail and mobile betting and related statistics, risk management, CRM, CMS, or affiliate system to name few. Keeping all the important tools in one management panel makes your daily work smooth and efficient.

Security first

Just like our entire platform, Admin Console is based on Java technology and HTML 5 matching all the worldwide standards. You can control accessibility of its content by creating users with different access privileges and permissions.


Flexible and modern

The lotto system was designed to suit user’s needs and create virtually unlimited number of games with unique rules thus allowing creation of different games for different occasions and markets, aside from the regular lotto draws available for daily play.

Complete solution

Our lotto comes with predefined set of game rules but also with tools to modify them or create new ones from scratch, as well as a separate back office management panel to manage it all in one place. By being our in-house development it is fully compatible with our sportsbook platform reducing the time of integrating it to absolute minimum.


Football pools

Do it yourself

Each country has their own football pools rules. Whether British or European pools model is more popular in your country, you can create it with our solution. You can customise everything – beginning with number of matches available and ending with rollover details.

Flexible and modern

The football pools platform was designed to require as little time and effort from your side as possible. Creating a template that can be used on a regular basis takes less than a minute, so all you have to do is to choose the matches and set the prizes.


Colossus Football Jackpots

The world’s biggest sports jackpots

Featuring the weekly £10,000,000 Colossus – the biggest bet in sport, plus a series of life-changing jackpots across top-tier football and other sports. Consolation prize funds for players who ‘get close’ without winning the jackpot. All pools provide Cash Out on ‘live’ tickets, as the matches in a pool are resolving.

Full Localisation, Global Appeal

All pools are offered in multi-currency and multilingual format. You therefore get global pools of unparalleled liquidity provided in a completely localised format. Our proposition is high margin and zero risk for all operators. Appealing to a global sports audience is now possible with the best customer acquisition and engagement tool in the industry.


Next Generation Gaming

Intense 24/7 betting action with state-of-the-art virtual sports such as football, horse racing and tennis with high-quality graphics and realistic motion capture.

Broad distribution

Virtual sports are available for three main ways of distribution – retail, online and mobile. Bet on virtual sports via mobile devices, website or in the retail shops.


Games Galore

Your platform can be supplied with hundreds of games powered by the world’s best providers. This ensures the best gaming experience in a variety of games with popular themes.

Keep it close

Casino games are also available on mobile devices. It’s a perfect way for whiling away when waiting for a bus or staying in a queue.

More Products

Meet demands of your market

Our platform is fully capable of integrating other third-party igaming software to give your customers more betting options. Binary options and keno are just two of the many possibilities

Promote your own betting products

If you have your own igaming product you want to promote and supplement with sportsbook, look no further. Flexibility of our platform’s architecture allows integration of any third-party software, as long as it has API we can use.

More gaming products