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Licence requirements

The gaming industry is strictly controlled by the relevant national regulatory bodies. SB Betting Software has experience in developing the platforms for regulated markets and helping the customers to adjust it for the licensee’s needs.


The software that we provide has successfully passed the regulations in many countries including Denmark, Malta and Nigeria.




SB Betting Software products are written in Java. A wide selection of additional modules in the Enterprise version which allows us to create every kind of functionality that might be needed. As a core of the platform we use JBoss Application Server – most reliable open-source application server. As database engine we use PostgreSQL. The combination of those components and our application, results in big processing potential.

We provide our platform as a private label solution on a rental basis. The setting up fee includes the software installation and the server preparation, re-branding / layout creation plus minor changes to features needed by licensee. After launching the platform, the monthly fee depends on the bets amount, it is not connected to turnover. There is no company with a revenue-share model that would be cheaper than our solution.


main futures of sb bettingPricing

Portugal opens online gaming marketCoasino in your betting platform

 Portugal has opened the online gaming market to private operators, both local and international meaning that operators are now allowed to apply for casino games, sports betting, horse racing, poker or bingo license.

We are looking forward to create partnership with new operators trying to gain a foothold on Portuguese market as well as existing ones going to expand their operations and share our 20-year long experience on global betting market.

SB Betting Software sponsors Sports Betting Summit 2015 in Lagos


This week Lagos hosts Sports Betting West Africa 2015 Summit. The panel of speakers include one of our customers, Dolan Beuthin from Bet2Win. His extensive knowledge of sportsbook business is invaluable. We definitely recommend to join his session and get a chance for networking during coffee break which SB Betting sponsors. We wish you a great event in Lagos!

Editec kicks off with SB Betting's platform in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania


Editec, a global partner of lottery and betting operators worldwide has successfully switched their sportsbooks in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to our  platform. As of now, Editec's acclaimed sportsbook - Premier Betting is using SB Betting's platform in Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania as well as Ugandan Sports Betting Africa.

This is just beginning of changes, as Editec's sportsbooks in other countries including Senegal and Democratic Republic of Congo will follow up and start using our platform in the coming weeks.

SB Betting at ICE 2015


Thank you for visiting us at the annual ICE Totally Gaming exhibition which took place in London in February.  We are looking forward to maintain and evolve our cooperation with all our existing clients and partners as well as all new potential clients and partners who visited us at our stand. Thank you all.

More virtual sports more profits

Virtual betting market is growing bigger. We are proud of selection of products we have integrated into our platform: BetRadar, Globalbet, Kiron Interactive and Inspired Gaming! Customers are able to bet on soccer, hounds and horse racing, motorsport and tennis. Thrilling graphics, statistics and shop solutions make it a must-have for a modern sportbook. Please contact us for more details.

BetRadar appreciate usBetradar in Sb-betting software platform

We are happy to announce that SB Betting Software has became one of the first betting platform providers who received BetRadar certificate. It's guarantee for reliable integration of our solutions with BetRadar products.

The features you will need

Our sportsbook platform has automated tools which allow you to create and manage the odds in the intuitive and easy way. Even if you use remote odds service, you may need from time to time to edit a special event, game type or the odds. We provide you all the necessary features required for that.


Also our live odds system is capable of serving up to 100 live matches simultaneously making us leaders on the online betting market.

Land-based solutions

SB Betting Software’s land-based solution is a feature-rich betting shop system. The software can be run on a laptop, desktop PC or touch screen terminal. Thanks to minimalistic approach it requires only a computer unit and thermal printer for the slips. Multiple applications like Live Events Viewer or Results Checkers would change your land based shops into modern betting centres!


Web sportsbook

On-line betting market grows each year. Website can be your window for sportsbook world where customers can place bets at any time. In SB Betting you can find various solutions how to increase website traffic and turnover. Live events, pools, virtual sports, casino, peer-to-peer betting, horse racing… Now it is not only about real sports, We and our Partners develop ideas which help you become a successful bookmaker.

The leading system provider for Bookmakers

Years of experience since 1996

SB Betting Software is a developing company, with its roots in the IT division of a sportsbook company. We provide efficient betting platforms and sportsbook related applications, understanding our customers needs and expectations with our previous experience in bookmaking. We know what you expect from us and we supply you with a practical software, which you can't find in our competitors portfolio. We are one of the leading providers of sportsbook platform software. This is one of the reasons why you should choose our technologies solutions.

30 000 000

The number of bets we handle monthly on our softwares.

We are ready for more


The bettors trust the bookmakers, because they trust SB Betting Software Company too. We have never disappointed them because they feel confident by being with us. We take care of the complicated part of this business by giving every day the best service possible.

Our office staff consists of platform developers, system and network administrators, security and database experts, graphic designers and support team.

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